August 03, 2010

Will the love of God stop when you've sinned?

I believe God's compassion and love are bountiful and infinite when you pour out to Him. Sometimes when you start to doubt, it brings faith into a deeper level.

Because I know that God loves us in a way that we could not comprehend, and you know that you have been loved.

For I am a sinner...

July 04, 2010

outside the window of my apartment, weathers' crazy here!

Today's the 4th July, which is also the independent day in the United States. Tomorrow will the 5th which also means that I've already been in this place for the past 1 year. I've experience a whole new life and I'm grateful that I've still got one more year to go before I leave Malaysia (if I can make it). Clock's ticking, buck up guys!

June 24, 2010

poor cat that has been spayed near our school

June 15, 2010


This is the 100th post. So long only reach 100.. not bad not bad. This post is dedicated to my own experience of blessing. Heard of the news that the JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) or Public Service Department is phasing out the overseas' undergraduate scholarship? I'm blessed to belong to the group that was just before this was announced. I guess this is special enough to be my 100th post.

June 09, 2010

Everyday's a new day!

June 08, 2010

Life is full of uncertainties, but if you seek a way, it will lead you to endless joy.